January 28, 2008

Is the Bloom off the Clinton Rose?

Marc Comtois

So the Kennedy clan is coming out strong for Obama, saying that he is the next generation's very own JFK. Heck, I can understand what they mean. Of course, the cold political calculation of hopping on the bandwagon can't be dismissed. But what is most interesting is that--all of a sudden--the Clinton machine doesn't seem quite so unbeatable to a lot of the old guard Dems and even Bill's personal touch is going cold (h/t). Worse, the Clinton's are becoming (suddenly?) unlikeable to many of their former allies. Some are even wondering if (gasp!) the "right" has been "right on the Clintons" all along (that they lie--or will do anything--to get power). I guess we'll know for sure if Hillary wins the nomination and they still stay away (heh).

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And Frank Rich had an excellent column on the same subject yesterday.

Yes, it's fun to watch commentator after commentator on the left point out, with genuine surprise and indignation, the Clintons' Machiavellian (not to say Borgian) streak a good fifteen years after it had first been noticed and widely discussed.


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