September 27, 2007

Information or Poor Bargaining Practice?

Monique Chartier

The local affiliate of NEARI has filed a complaint against Chariho Regional School Committee member William Felkner with the state Labor Relations Board for "purposely attempted to communicate directly with bargaining unit members represented by the union” by posting information on a blog.

Mr. Felkner further describes the complaint:

NEA negotiator Pete Gingas filed a complaint with the Labor Relations Board last week. His claim is that I have “purposely attempted to communicate directly with” union members and that I am attempting to “discourage union membership” and these actions are “tantamount to a refusal to bargain with the certified representative of the union.”

So - information is antithetical to union membership?

William Felkner and NEARI Executive Director Robert Walsh will appear on tonight's Lively Experiment.