May 24, 2007

Continuing Adventures in Narragansett

Justin Katz

Mayor Laffey (on chair) supporting Rudy Giuliani because, essentially, he saw 9/11 first-hand:


Andrew interviewing RI Republican Party chair Gio Cicione:


And here's the NBC reporter (Brian Crandall) whom we're scooping (and who declined my outstretched hand when I introduced myself to him a few minutes ago) doing the same:


And lastly, here're the straw-poll boxes for two Democrat candidates:



Hanging Chads
RI law #1234567 requires the collection of all hanging chads. Attorney Gen. Lynch will send them to Florida where ALGORE is demanding another recount of the 2000 election.

Vote for Hillary
To protect the identity of the giver, all donations will be SHREDDED. Please smile for the camera. You are now identified as A WITNESS in any future WHITE WATER trial.

One more personage; here's Ryan Bilodeau, of College Republican fame: