April 24, 2007

They’re Baaack…

Carroll Andrew Morse

Not going quietly into the night or, more importantly, into tomorrow’s proceeding where the URI Student Senate will vote on revoking their recognition, Ryan Bilodeau and the University of Rhode Island College Republicans have chosen today to celebrate “the first annual Global Cooling Day”…

The University of Rhode Island College Republicans, a student group currently in the middle of a national controversy after offering a satirical White Heterosexual American Male Scholarship, continues to inject humor into what has become a campus environment hostile to conservatives today as they attempt to freeze out cataclysmic environmental scare tactics by handing out facts about global warming and popsicles to cool everyone down during the day in the Memorial Union and tonight as they show "The Global Warming Swindle" documentary at 7 PM in Memorial Union Room #360.

The University of Rhode Island College Republicans contest that although the release of carbon dioxide contributes to the warming of the planet, the impact of man-made emissions is only a minor fraction of this.

Chairman Ryan Bilodeau chimed in by saying, "There is no doubt that the earth is warming. There is doubt, however, as to its causes and as to which actions should be taken to counter it, if needed to at all. The United States Senate sent a clear message in 1997 during Al Gore's term as Vice President in a 95-0 vote that we will not enter into a Kyoto Treaty which exempts 80% of the world and whose success for reducing CO2 emissions is negligible at best."

The first annual Global Cooling Day will occur today from 11 AM - 1 PM at the Memorial Union Booth #4 when the group hands out the facts about global warming and cools down by handing out free popsicles and tonight as the group watches "The Global Warming Swindle" Documentary at 7 PM in room 360 of the Memorial Union.

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"An Inconvenient Truth" should only ever be aired as a double billing with "The Global Warming Swindle". The case for anthropogenic global warming gets weaker the more it is studied. Far from a proven conclusion, it is only a theory. It is fascinating how proponents refuse to even look at the mounting evidence against AGW. Their defensive, science-rejecting rhetoric sounds like something out of the Dark Ages.

Posted by: SusanD at April 24, 2007 9:51 PM

By the way, the URI Student Senate votes today on whether to de-recognize the URI College Republicans. Let's hope the Senate is dumb enough to do it and, as Anthony said, put their own funding into play.

Posted by: SusanD at April 25, 2007 7:09 AM

While I completely agree with the ACLU's stance in backing the Young Republicans (and scorn the stupidity of the Student Senate), I'm loving the irony of GOPers who routinely bash the living bejeebers out of the ACLU having to side with it. I'd love to hear Rush and Billo's takes on this (if they offer the,, that is).

Posted by: Rhody at April 25, 2007 1:37 PM

I still want to know why Negro scholarships are allowed but not white ones.

Posted by: Mike at April 25, 2007 2:48 PM
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