March 28, 2007

For a New Series: Pubs of Newport

Mac Owens

Anchor Rising is, of course, a political blog. Politics is serious business, but sometimes we need to remember the reason for engaging in politics: to defend what we hold dear. And one of the things I hold dear is a good pub. So with your indulgence, I intend, on occasion, to offer my observations on the pubs and eateries of my hometown, Newport.

I will start with my very favorite place in Newport: the Mudville Pub. The food is excellent, the beer is cold, the bartenders are friendly, and the waitresses are hot. One of the owners is Kevin Stachem, a member of PC's final four basketball team of the mid-70s, who subsequently played for the Celtics. He is always accessible to the patrons and is truly one of the friendliest people alive.

A pub with "Mudville" in its name must have something to do with baseball. Indeed, it is located next to historic Cardines Field across from the Newport Marriott. During the spring and summer, one can sit on the the screened-in deck on the right field line and drink a cold one (or more) while watching some pretty good baseball. Cardines field is the home of the Newport Gulls of the Cape Cod Summer League. Good stuff.

On Wednesday afternoons, the Mudville Pub is also the home of the world famous Mudville Study Group (MSG), an informal gathering of Naval War College students that I have been convening for the last decade and a half. The conversation is wide-ranging and a number of RI luminaries have made appearances, including the Honorable Frank Williams, Chief Justice of the RI Supreme Court, with whom I teach a War College elective on Abraham Lincoln; Jim Taracani of Channel 10; and Dyana Koelsch, a former investigative reporter for Channel 10, who teaches an elective for me at the War College.

Anytime is a good time at Mudville but my favorite times are: Wednesday afternoon/evening with the very gorgeous Melanie, followed by the very funny Mark; Friday evenings with Louie, the embodiment of the Irish bartender and one of the funniest people on earth; and Sunday afternoon with Mo (Maureen), who possesses the loveliest cat eyes and is the mistress of the Bloody Mary.

In fact, today is Wednesday, so I'll soon be off to a meeting of the MSG. Melanie, here I come.

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Amen, I say to you Mac, Amen.

For me, nothing beats the Mudville on a Sunday afternoon. Except for maybe on a summer day with the Newport Gulls playing next door!

And for my money Mudville has the BEST pub food in Newport

Posted by: T. Shevlin at March 28, 2007 4:50 PM

I found this post a little weird...

Posted by: Matt Jerzyk at March 28, 2007 8:00 PM

Why, Matt? Because it talk about having a good time, hanging out, and enjoying the conversation of others? (As opposed to merely pontificating on a blog?)

Get out in the world and see all that it has to offer - on the right, the left, and down the middle!

Posted by: Paul the Paperboy at March 30, 2007 1:39 PM

The newport gulls are not part of the cape cod summe leage. They are part of the competing (and better) necbl summer league.

Posted by: Anonymous at April 12, 2008 11:54 PM
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