March 2, 2007

OPEN FORUM: RI GOP Leadership Races

Marc Comtois

OK, here you go. I know that the conversation has started around here already, so this Forum is an attempt to centralize the discussion about the upcoming RI GOP leadership races. State your case, keep it clean and try to stay away from innuendo. Have at it.

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In conjunction with his announcement, Mr. Cote has released a detailed plan describing what he would like to accomplish as chair…

In the simplest of terms, the mission of the Rhode Island Republican Party is to elect more Republicans in Rhode Island. How this mission is most effectively carried out is a function of the following components:

Candidate Recruitment
Message Development
Resource Allocation

Following is our vision for fulfilling the mission of RI GOP to ensure its success in 2008. We highly recommend a team approach with two experienced leaders that have the ability to represent the Republican Party to the media or otherwise when the other is unavailable. David Coté and Joseph White represent the best combination of such a team.


Reach out to existing and prospective high level donors for direct personal solicitation by the Chairman. Prospective donors should be selected based on their affiliation with business networks, government reform networks, and other networks inclined to support the RI GOP platform.
Grow the Finance Committee / Anchors component to maximize the benefit of well connected RI GOP supporters.
Solicit the support of Republican elected officials in Rhode Island and beyond, the Republican National Committee, the Republican Governor’s Association, the National Federation of Republican Assemblies, and other groups that may be able to offer speakers, headliners and other avenues for attracting donors to the party and to fundraising events.
Maintain a consistent direct mail and email solicitation effort of the existing RI GOP house file and targeted prospecting lists.
Investigate standard options available to State Political Parties that allow for raising money from areas outside of Rhode Island.

Candidate Recruitment

Number one is the support of local GOP grassroots committees. Unite local GOP’s to achieve our Republican defined common objectives.
Identify districts with vulnerable / narrowly elected Democrat incumbents for focus of candidate recruitment efforts.
Hold regular meetings with party leaders in vulnerable Democrat districts to solicit their assistance with candidate recruitment and focus their recruitment efforts.
Conduct candidate training sessions to demonstrate the Party’s commitment to recruited candidates and to maintain close contact with their campaigns.

Message Development

Focus on the Republican Party’s fundamental principles of fiscal responsibility, lower taxes, and limited growth of government (Refer to recent RIGOP Platform).
Respond immediately to the media on everyday events that violate our core Republican platform.
Support Governor Carcieri’s policies and defend his efforts to reform government and remove the status quo.
Lead the way on issues important to the Governor in which he is determining the pulse of both our citizens and elected officials.
Build on the recent RIGOP platform to create an identity for Republicans in Rhode Island. Expand to recruit organizations that naturally would fit with the Republican Party such as tax groups, government reform groups, etc.
Conduct polling research to refine points of communication for Republican candidates in targeted districts.
Coordinate all legislative races to ensure they stay on-message through the election season.
Create a plan to reach out to unaffiliated voters and fiscally conservative Democrats.
Create a plan to reach out to local clergy and their members.

Resource Allocation

Provide direct and in-kind financial support to targeted Republican candidates who demonstrate campaign viability.
Serve as a foundation of support to help Republican candidates benefit from the growing use of technology with direct voter contact.
Function as a clearing house to Republican candidates for direct voter contact resources, including strategy, printing, media, etc.
Coordinate human resources / volunteers to targeted races in the final days of the election cycle.
Discuss and define methods of using funds to support Republican Candidates.

Posted by: Will at March 2, 2007 1:34 PM

2008 will be a tough year in Rhode Island for candidate recruitment on the GOP side.I expect to run locally.
Obviously Democrat Amy Rice in her Rhode Island State House seat would appear the most vunerable Democratic General assembly member.If Robataille(sp?) runs against her next time he could be a winner but if their is a democratic tide he will have to be especially active to counter it.
I assume the Bruce Long Rhode Island House seat may be hard to protect by the GOP,.Also State Sen.June Gibbs is in her 80's and the question needs to be how long does she plan to run.I like June a long committed Republican.
It may be difficult for the GOP to protect its incumbents in the Rhode Island General Assembly.Of course some General Assembly Democrats in competitive areas may retire or run for another office.
In the Joe Scott seat it may be difficult to beat him although I expect the GOP to try.We lost that one when Joe left the Republicans to become a Democrat. I like Joe personally.I will remember the difficulty he had being a Republican National Convention Delegate in 2004.
The Rhode Island Republican leadership needs to learn why they turn off their "grass roots" which is small enough to begin with.

Posted by: Scott Bill Hirst at March 3, 2007 11:23 AM