November 3, 2006

Re: Anchor Rising in Glossy Print

Carroll Andrew Morse

In response to Justin's post that mentioned that Providence Phoenix columnist Chris Chip Young (aka Philipe) isn't a fan of blogs, Providence Phoenix news editor Ian Donnis points out that he mentioned Anchor Rising (along with RI Future) among the winners from the 2006 election cycle...

While my Phoenix colleague might not have much use for the blogosphere, I find it indispensable, particularly Anchor Rising and RI Future, which each offer a strong measure of thoughtful and passionate analysis.

I make mention of the value of these two blogs in a piece in this week's Phoenix, on the winners and sinners of the 2006 political season.

Here's Ian Donnis' original item from the Phoenix...
The good news is that an abundance of in-depth political information is there for the taking, if people choose to look for it. Besides television and newspapers, there’s talk-radio, blogs like the liberal Rhode Island’s Future ( and the conservative Anchor Rising (, and other new media offerings (such as the Polichicks, two college students who use their Web site, to make available video of various political debates).
p.s. I hope Ian doesn't mind that I've placed this posting under the "mainstream media" category.