September 15, 2006

Jon Scott's Open Letter to the Blogosphere

Carroll Andrew Morse

Jon Scott, Patrick Kennedy's Republican challenger in Rhode Island's first district, sent Anchor Rising "an open letter to the blogosphere" this morning, eloquently asking for your support...

Jon Scott: I have been following recent posts with great interest and, although I am not very knowledgeable about blogs, I know enough to understand that we need to be out here among you all in order to win in November. That desire to be part of the debate is what brings me out today.

I am fully aware that I am in an uphill battle. It is no great secret that my opponent is well funded and hails from a political machine so powerful that his uncle's picture sits below only a portrait of Jesus in a large number of New England living rooms. I know that I have chosen a fight many deem un-winnable, but I have always subscribed to the belief that goals easily achieved are not part of a journey worth taking. I am in this fight because I have chosen to be and because I want to be.

I appreciate what seems to be a common sentiment of support among the posting faithful and am honored that, at least here, my candidacy is recognized, because the worst thing that you can do to a politician is ignore him (as has been the case in much of the mainstream media). I am fully aware that the great Senate race of 2006 is the large planet around which all attention will orbit this season, but I expected that we would garner some notice. It has not happened as of yet.

First I need to assure you that there is a candidate with a populist small government message left on the RI scene. We all may not agree on everything all of the time, but the chances are great that our interests intersect in great percentages. We need to base our activity on common bonds not on single differences.

One statement that has stuck with me during my time in this race was made by Richard Engle, President of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies during their annual Board of Directors meeting here in RI this summer. "Liberals", he said, "are very good at perseverance. They stay together through their losses and stay focused. When conservatives taste defeat, quite often we give up. We take our ball and go home". I am worried that a bit of that attitude is gripping us here in the bluest of blue states. We can not afford fracture in our party. There are two few of us to populate one Republican Party, let alone multiples.

Like Mr. Katz, I must say that I have not been impressed with the level of support that our state gets from the Republican leadership. I was recently in DC to meet with my Field Rep from the NRCC. What I found out amazed me. We are such an afterthought that RI is simply tacked on to the Midwest rep's caseload. Not only do they believe that we can't take the Ocean State to red, they are under the impression that we can't even turn it purple. I am offended by that attitude and it needs to change.

I also want to speak to those who have deemed my candidacy a tilt at windmills: This race is winnable. It is imperative that we fire on all cylinders, though, and Patches must falter if we are ever to reach the Promised Land. We can only control one half of that equation, however. Much like a football team that needs to win but also needs someone else to lose in order to gain the final playoff berth, we must take care of what we can and let the fates affect the rest. We only fire on all cylinders when everyone is behind my candidacy 100%. I ask for that support.

We believe that Kennedy is weak on the issues. Further, we believe that everyone knows about his personal problems and we are not going to hammer him on that. We will, however, bring up all of the inconsistencies in his policies and illuminate his record while representing the people in DC - because that is the element that the public needs to be educated on. I look forward to the debates.

You may disagree, but I believe that the personal is not fair game. We will never go personal first. It is part of my moral code.

Finally, I want to tell you that we appreciate the support on primary day. We had the largest margin among the Republican statewide candidates and I am grateful to all who believed that I was the man with the better chance to unseat the incumbent. We were confident when we started our tour of the precincts and 12 hours and 12 polling places later we were still certain of our standing but had no idea that the margin would be what it was. I thank you all for getting behind me.

I will need the effort ten times again in order to get it done on November 7.

Do us a favor. Keep us informed. If you know of an event, let us in on it. If you know someone in the media, get them interested. At the very least, get five friends on board and then ask each of them to get five friends behind me, as well. If you've put a great deal of effort into Mayor Laffey's candidacy and find yourself without a campaign home, contact me. We'd welcome the help. We NEED the help.

I look forward to interacting with Anchor Rising a great deal during my campaign and to meeting many of you on the campaign trail.

Thanks and God Bless.

Jon Scott

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Mr. Scott,
Thank you for your eloquence and grace. As the primary source of the quixotic meme here on Anchor Rising, I am both impressed by your willingness to address my cynicism and by your ability to appeal to even such a jaundiced I as my own. That being said, I want to make clear my attitude towards your race: I believe it will be incredibly difficult to beat the incumbent, HOWEVER, as I've also said, you have gained my support.

Marc Comtois

Posted by: Marc Comtois at September 15, 2006 10:52 AM

Jon, pound Kennedy on his support of Mollis. For him to make calls supporting a corrupt pol like Mollis (while Fogarty, Roberts and Langevin are smart enough to put some distance between themselves and this guy) is a slap in the face of his uncle Bobby, who prosecuted mobsters. There's more potential progressive Democrat support for your campaign than you think.
Patrick's support is a mile wide and an inch deep. With a few good moves, he's beatable.

Posted by: rhody at September 15, 2006 11:22 AM


If you want to win heavy support among the conservatives you have to POUND away at Patches. You have to focus on his "I've never worked a f#@# day in my life" comment. You have to pound away at him beating up airline security. You have to pound away on his near killing of a security guard with his car.

Basically, you have to bring the fight. Hard. If Chafee has taught us nothing else it's that going negative and going negative hard WORKS.

Posted by: Greg at September 15, 2006 11:32 AM

That was extremely well written. For what it's worth, I'm behind you as well.

Posted by: Jim at September 15, 2006 8:37 PM

I hate to say it, but I know Greg is right. Aside from the DWI, which is radioactive (let it stay in his, err "glovebox"), the voters need to be reminded of his votes and arrogance. He should be hit hard on the fresh "Good Government" earmarking bill. Even dim bulb locals know spending in secret is bad (at least at the Federal level). It also contrasts him with the "common sense" AYE of Langevin. Good luck Jon, my wife and I will be there for you.

Posted by: rhodeymark at September 16, 2006 8:39 AM