May 17, 2006

RI Senate Candidates on Cape Wind

Carroll Andrew Morse

Legislation targeted to kill the Cape Wind project is still pending in the United States Senate. Cape Wind proposes building a set of windmills in Nantucket Sound that would be capable of generating three-fourths of the electricity consumed by Cape Cod.

Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska, working with Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts, wants to insert an amendment into the Coast Guard Appropriation Bill that would allow the Governor of Massachusetts to veto construction of the project even if it is approved by all of the relevant regulatory authorities. (Once again, a Democrat shows himself to be in favor of unchecked executive authority when it suits his policy agenda). Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, also a Cape Wind opponent, will likely veto the project if the Senate amendment passes.

Senator Lincoln Chafee opposes the amendment blocking the development of Cape Wind…

"[Cape Wind] is a win-win for Rhode Island. I urge my colleagues in the Senate to discontinue their improper attempt to derail this project and allow the people of New England to benefit from economic growth, a cleaner environment, and more affordable sources of energy.

With unprecedented increases in conventional energy prices, wind energy generation is a promising option to provide much needed relief to New England. It is clean and renewable; and projects such as this will help to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. In addition, termination of this project will have a negative impact on Rhode Island's economy and discourage future offshore projects in America"

Steve Laffey also supports the development of Cape Wind…
“I am 100% in favor of Cape Wind. And every Rhode Islander should know that, in my understanding, all of the production work and all the manufacturing jobs will be in Quonset.

To win the War for the Free World we have to develop solar and wind power at a great rate on the par of putting a man on the moon. We have to start now. We should have started 5 or 10 years ago.”

I contacted the campaign of Sheldon Whitehouse three times over the past two weeks to inquire about Mr. Whithouse’s position on Cape Wind. Each time his staff politely and professionally took my question and said they would pass it along to the candidate.

However, as of the time of this posting, the Whitehouse campaign has not provided an answer. This really should be a no-brainer for a candidate who claims that making America energy independent is an issue of importance to him.