May 15, 2006

More Links on Immigration Issue

As we head into President Bush's speech tonight, here are some interesting recent links on the immigration topic:

John Podhertz (H/T Instapundit) states:

There are really three immigration debates. There is the cultural debate, there is the economic debate, and there is the security debate. On matters of culture, I believe as everybody else here does that our immigration policy makes no sense if it is not directed at the process of turning non-Americans into Americans through the instruction of English, knowledge of civics and American history, and helping to instill a sense of pride and commitment to the country.

On economic matters, I agree that if immigrants are not of net benefit to the country, it makes no sense for us to allow newcomers to do harm in this way and here, in my opinion, the case made by restrictionists is by far the weakest. On security matters, an uncontrolled border is clearly unacceptable, and a panoply of measures, including a border fence, is more than called for.

As for dealing with the illegals already here, there's a sense in which this debate has been radicalized to such an extent that the Right won't be satisfied with a policy that does not explicitly advocate expulsion all other policies being dubbed "amnesty" and therefore illegitimate while the Left refuses to consider any policy other than special-treatment affirmative-action line-jumping legalization...

Is Hugo Chavez behind the illegal immigration rallies? -- UPDATED (H/T Instapundit)
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Captain's Quarter
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As usual, Michelle Malkin has been all over the issue for a long time. Some of her more recent postings include:

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There have been three recent postings on Anchor Rising about immigration:

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