May 1, 2006

Oh, the Ingratitude

Carroll Andrew Morse

This is from the Projo 7-to-7 Blog's coverage of today’s illegal immigration rally

Up the hill past Providence Place mall, to the grassy lawn in front of the State House and, finally, onto the building's white marble steps, demonstrators marched today in a big, but united, call for immigration reforms…

Juan Garcia, head of the Immigrants in Action Committee, exhorted the cheering crowd late this afternoon, saying, "We want to be able to breathe the air of freedom."

Unbeknownst to Mr. Garcia, he is breathing the air of freedom. How many countries -- other than the US -- would allow illegal immigrants the freedom to peaceably assemble that was exercised all over the United States today?

If Mr. Garcia's concern is really about freedom, will he and other rally organizers entreat the countries that illegal immigrants have fled from to follow the example of the United States and eliminate their barriers to freedom? Or is there another agenda at work?