December 7, 2005

Sure, EB is laying off...but we've got more slots!

Marc Comtois

In a moment of negative serendipity (if there is such a thing), the following headlines great the reader of today's ProJo:

"Electric Boat to cut 2,400 jobs"

"State OKs expansion in Newport Grand slots"

The Electric Boat layoff is a result of a reprioritization by the Navy and is an example of the normal economic corrections that go on all the time. Jobs go away in one sector of the economy and are added in others. While it can be difficult and trying for the individual affected by this normal economic ebb and flow, a job-seeking EB welder can take heart that his skillset is probably coveted by another employer here in Rhode Island or (more likely) somewhere else. If he can't find a job as a welder here in Rhode Island--and doesn't want to move--he could forget welding altogether, sign-up for job retraining, and look for a job in some other area. Or he could always take a job at Newport Grand. It seems they're expanding.

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or why work at all? i hear rhode island has a GREAT welfare system

Posted by: john b at December 7, 2005 9:59 AM