November 8, 2005

Try Again, Guy

Carroll Andrew Morse

Guy Dufault’s apology to Governor Don Carcieri today must be an apology for something that was said in a parallel universe. From the Projo daily news blog

In a three-paragraph statement issued just before 5 p.m. today, Dufault said the comments were never meant to be public "and I clearly did not intend for them to go out over the airwaves."

He said the information he referred to had been unsolicited, anonymous and uncorroborated -- and that his policy is not to discuss issues publicly that have not been corroborated.

He also said, "It was never my intention to make this information public -- then or now."

The apology doesn’t square with what was said in this universe. From the Projo transcript of Dufault’s Real Deal broadcast…
Dufault: I can bring Carcieri down [pause]. I got stuff. (Laughter) If nothing else, I got the names of the past comattas [Italian slang for girlfriends]. I just gotta start throwin' 'em out there.

Levesque: . . . send a little brown envelope.

According to Jan Jones, appearing on Dan Yorke's show on WPRO, Harrah’s Casino and the Narragansett Indian Tribe are “suspending reimbursement” of Dufault. Michael Levesque’s status is under review.

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For once in his sad and shallow life Guy Dufault is telling the truth.
He's right when he says he did not intend for these scandalous accusations against Governor Carcieri to be made public now or then (when he first heard about them).
Dufault intended to wait until next September or October to "start throwin' 'em out there" to affect the 2006 gubernatorial election.
The man is pure evil = no conscience and no soul.

Posted by: Tim at November 8, 2005 9:16 PM

I can't believe that this clown actually owns a PR firm. The hatchet job he did on his own behalf is reason enough for the Indians, Harrah's and all his other clients to fire his sorry ass.

Posted by: Harvey at November 8, 2005 9:39 PM

I'm glad that this came out now, instead of much later. Obviously, what Mr. Dufault was trying to do was to get the rumor mill started, spreading rumors to get the watercooler talk going around this state, so by the time election time comes about, that this might have put the governor on the defensive. For once, the good guys won (even if it was by accident).

One thing I hope that will result from this is that some closer attention might be paid to the network of connections that Mr. Dufault has derived great benefit from. To call it incestuous would be an understatement. When you're down in the sewer, something has to smell.

Posted by: Will at November 9, 2005 2:42 AM

I love, love, love people that think they know things...who are any of you to say that it ISN'T true...

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Posted by: Hannah at December 30, 2005 12:50 AM