July 8, 2005

What's Wrong With This Picture: 800 Applicants for 14 Teaching Jobs & the NEA Says There is a Problem

The NEA teachers' union has been repeating the mantra all year that the lack of a contract in East Greenwich was somehow damaging the school system and that nobody would want to teach in our town.

The rest of us have said hogwash to their propaganda because we knew their comments were simply another pathetic attempt to mislead and manipulate public opinion.

Today, the empirical data is in and the NEA's argument has completely collapsed. Here's the story:

"We have more than 800 applicants for 14 teaching positions," School Committee member Steven W. Gregson said this week. "There is no lack of applicants."

East Greenwich is fortunate to have many professionally successful parents who value education, speak English as a first language, and ensure their kids do their homework and come to school with food in their stomachs. We provide a better than average working environment and teachers around the state know it. It's another reason why we are fond of our wonderful town and people around the state recognize it is a quality place to live and work.

By the way, here is another foolish argument from the NEA: When informed about the high number of applicants, school leaders told me that the NEA's response was to say that many of the applicants weren't qualified. Now stop and think about that argument for a minute. These applicants are coming largely from other teaching jobs in Rhode Island, which means they are members of either the NEA or AFT teachers' union. In other words, that means the NEA is calling their own members unqualified. Oh that's a bright one, boys and girls.

In summary: First, the NEA knowingly misleads the residents of East Greenwich. Next, they insult the residents of East Greenwich. Then, they put out a report card flyer that backfires when residents jokingly call it juvenile - at best. And that doesn't even count the funniest part about the flyer: 2 of the 7 School Committee member phone numbers listed on the flyer were wrong. Now, they put forth bogus arguments that insult their own membership.

It's hard to legally extort a community when your actions are so consistently incompetent.


In a nutshell, here is what I think the negotiating position of the East Greenwich School Committee should be on some of the key financial terms of the contract.

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More bogus rhetoric from the NEA: The fact that the NEA represents 28 school districts in this state, and every time a teacher contract comes up for negotiation, their canned message is "the teachers in this district are undercompensated relative to teachers in other districts". Well, NEA is responsible for negotiating 75% of all teacher contracts in RI. More evidence that the NEA has neither conscience, nor a concept of reality.

Posted by: Christine Mattos at July 8, 2005 5:42 PM