June 19, 2005

Public and Private Unions

Robert Whitcomb, of the ProJo editorial page, has written an editorial entitled Public and Private Unions, which includes this excerpt:

I write as an ex-member of three unions, in one of which I was grievance chairman. Private-sector unions, such as these, are different creatures from public-sector unions.

In the private sector, the complexity, churn and competition of capitalism -- as well as anti-trust, anti-corruption and other laws -- restrain companies and the unions that dwell with them. After all, companies rise and fall, as do whole industries, and they take their unions with them. But then unions themselves are businesses, selling labor...

But public-sector unions are something else: They're virtually untrammeled monopolies. They control services to which the public has few alternatives. That politicians benefit financially and otherwise from public-sector unions, and vice versa, further strengthens the monopoly. Together, the two groups do pretty much what they want, whatever the citizenry's needs and desires.

Thus, to raise concerns about public-sector unions is not to be "anti-union." Nor is it to condemn civil-service protections for public employees. It is simply to face reality.


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