April 23, 2005

Bolton: Is it Undiplomatic to Call a Dictator a Dictator?

Carroll Andrew Morse

A Newsweek article about John Bolton references a speech he delivered on the subject of North Korea in July, 2003.

Here is a quote on the subject of North Korea…

Often described as the world's largest prison camp, no country is more deserving of international condemnation on human-rights conditions than North Korea.
Yes, that is a quote. But it is not a quote from John Bolton. It is a quote from Human Rights Watch.

Bolton, on the other hand, is accused of calling life in North Korea a “hellish nightmare” and calling North Korean leader Kim Jong Il (warning: blame-America-first types should be sitting down when reading this next quote) a “tyrannical dictator”. It certainly doesn’t appear that Bolton’s view of North Korea is out of line with Human Rights Watch’s view.

The state department has the full text of the supposedly offensive speech up on its website. The official text contains the supposedly damning phrases of “hellish nightmare” and “tyrannical dictator”, so this appears to be the speech referenced in the Newsweek article.

Anchor Rising invites Bolton opponents to use the comments section of this post to explain exactly what about this speech disqualifies Mr. Bolton for the post of UN ambassador.

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I would disagree with you but, I can't and I won't.

I listened to Al Franken and Randi Rhodes as they tried to dissect Bolton after his nomination was announced.

It's as if left-wing media types wants people who are pasty, bland, and lack the conviction to step on a knat.

Bolton seems to be an in-your-face, i'm-going-to-tell-it-to-you-straight type of guy. The UN needs this with so much placating that has gone on there.

Previous UN ambassadors have said that the UN is nothing without the US-so Bolton isn't unusual.

I hope his nomination is confirmed so he can put some bite back into the UN.

Posted by: don at April 23, 2005 11:28 PM