April 20, 2005

Bolton's Opposition Unraveling

Carroll Andrew Morse

Over at The Corner, Rich Lowry has some preliminary reporting debunking the latest, apparently groundless charge against United Nations Ambassador appointee John Bolton. Here’s a one-sentence summary, in the form of a direct quote from a letter sent by the firm that had sub-contracted Bolton’s accuser

Her [Melody Townsel’s] claims against Mr. Bolton make no sense but are consistent with her belligerent attitudes towards others.
Of course, the lack of substance in any of the charges against Bolton does not mean that our Senators are not entitled to vote against him. It does mean that, if either of our Senators choose to vote no, they owe the voters of Rhode Island an explanation based on policy grounds.

The UN, of course, believes that any criticism of the organization is beyond the pale. Here is Article 29(3) from the Universal Declaration on Human Rights.

These rights (including your right to free speech)and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.
Is there such strong opposition to Mr Bolton's nomination because this country's Democrats also believe that any criticism of the UN is unacceptable?