September 11, 2012

How the Results of The CD-1 Primary Will Be A Win Either Way

Monique Chartier

Here's the way I see it.

If Anthony Gemma wins (and I think that's a bigger possibility than some people think), firstly, the state will be rid of a mendacious, duplicitous elected official (i.e., David Cicilline) who selfishly put his own political career far ahead of honesty and the best interest of the people he purportedly represented. Secondly - and this is the fun part - if Gemma wins, it will be a real poke in the eye to the RI Democrat Party, Gina Raimondo, Angel Taveras and everyone who soiled their own integrity and character by endorsing and politically embracing David "Cover-Up" Cicilline. By the way, if Gemma does win, wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall as Democrats go crawling up to him afterwards? "Hey, good job, Anthony. I know I supported your slug of an opponent. But now, kumbaya, right???"

If David Cicilline wins, Brendan Doherty's chances of winning the general election - and, accordingly, the chances of the state to rid itself of a mendacious, duplicitous elected representative (i.e., David Cicilline) - are boosted considerably.

Whatever happens tonight, can't wait!