June 4, 2012

The Current Week 05/29/12 - 06/01/12

Justin Katz


05/29/12 - Joint House & Senate Finance Committees - Liveblog
Justin writes live from a joint House & Senate Committee Hearing on casino legislation.

With Budget Commission, Woonsocket Deficit Problem Nearly Doubles - Investigative Report
Addressing city's pension shortfall, Woonsocket budget commission faces another $7 million annual deficit, addressing $46 million gap over five years.

05/31/12 - House Finance Committee - Liveblog
Justin writes live from House Finance Committee; House budget.

Justin's Case

Woonsocket's Unique Pension Woes Prove Deeper Problems - Analysis
As public officials debate the appropriate next steps for Woonsocket, the city's local pension plan provides an example for caution.
The Real Disconnect in the "Skills Gap" - Opinion
Continuing talk of the "skills gap" in RI's labor force (with the call for more resources) further defines the extent to which advocates are on the wrong path entirely.

Tax Credits Need Transparency - Opinion
Channel 10's Bill Rappleye interviews Justin about hidden profits from tax credit programs.

Gallogly: Discount Rates and the Oversight Spotlight
- Interview
Dept. of Revenue Director Gallogly comments on pension issues and communities on the brink of state oversight.

Educating in America Is Not Like Educating Elsewhere - Opinion
Teacher unionization may work in smaller, less-diverse systems, but that's proof that those systems are different, not that the United States should match them.
Video Blog: Counting up the Discount Rates - Video
In a mildly whimsical video, Justin explains pension fund discount rates and the risk associated with shooting too high.
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in the video blog - you do make a good giant. Where's Jack?

Posted by: David S at June 4, 2012 9:20 PM

I actually have an old firefighter toy (circa 1980), but my son appears to have misplaced it, so I couldn't use him in the video.

Posted by: Justin Katz at June 4, 2012 9:25 PM
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