May 1, 2012

Campaigning in Afghanistan*

Marc Comtois

Despite attempts to quell rumors to the contrary, we've learned that President Obama is indeed in Afghanistan and will hold a live press conference from there. The purpose of the trip is to sign a new treaty with the Afghan government.

The countries have been negotiating a strategic agreement that would outline the basis for U.S.-Afghan cooperation after most U.S. and allied troops withdraw in 2014. Obama and Karzai are expected to sign the agreement on Tuesday, according to the senior administration officials who briefed reporters on the flight.

The Strategic Partnership Agreement provides a framework for the U.S.-Afghanistan partnership for the decade following the U.S. and allied troop withdrawal, the officials said on condition of not being identified.

All of this happens on the 1st anniversary of the take down of Osama bin Laden. The President is now on day 3 (or so) of not spiking the football this year.

*File under, "What if Bush had done that?"

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Great link re: "What if Bush had done that."

In this context though? Hmmm, is it that right wing cable and radio would fall all over themselves with praise for the President, attempting to appear more patriotic than the last?

Posted by: Russ at May 1, 2012 4:47 PM

The pro-war chicken-hawk draft-dodging coward, Willard Romney-care said in 2007 he would not go into Pakistan after Osama bin Laden unless Pakistan approved, and condemned Obama for saying that he would.

Then when Obama killed Osama, Willy lied and said he would have done the same thing.

Posted by: Sammy in Az at May 1, 2012 5:52 PM

"*File under, "What if Bush had done that?""

Yes. We'd be hearing:

"After giving a self-serving interview in the rarely opened White House Situation Room, the war-mongering George Bush continued to politicize the execution of Osama bin Laden by taking a victory lap in Afghanistan."

Posted by: Monique at May 1, 2012 7:22 PM

I think the country has had just about enough of this little failed multi-culti experiment called Obama. It's time to put a grown up back in the White House

Posted by: Mike Cappelli at May 1, 2012 10:34 PM

Real leaders give credit to the people who actually risked all to accomplish the task. Self-serving egomaniacs do otherwise.

Posted by: Mike678 at May 2, 2012 10:58 PM

"After giving a self-serving interview..."

Isn't that exactly what we are hearing, and not just from some blogger but from major corporate media?

"President Obama in Afghanistan: foreign policy or campaign stop?"

You guys are so used to claiming media bias, you just assume it must be the case. (btw, I think Bush and Obama deserve the criticism, which is more honest that most over here from what I can see)

Posted by: Russ at May 3, 2012 9:17 AM

@sammy-f**kin' liar.I don't really care that much for Romney,BUT he qualified what he said by going on to explain that he wouldn't bomb a 'friendly'country to get Bin laden.In this case no bombing was necessary,so maybe he'd have done it too.
@Russ-what are you criticizing anyway?The visit or the killing of Bin Laden?Or both?Sometimes your comments are undecipherable.
Obama was right to kill Bin Laden and he was right to visit the troops,but he went way over the line using the visit as a platform to take a whack at Romney.
@sammy-you are pretty free at calling people draft dodgers-when and where did you ever serve A hole?

Posted by: joe bernstein at May 3, 2012 11:07 AM

(btw, I think Bush and Obama deserve the criticism, which is more honest that most over here from what I can see)

That's a pretty open statement Russ. Care to share what criticism they both deserve or are you speaking entirely in generalities? I know there is plenty out there.

Posted by: Max D at May 3, 2012 11:09 AM
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