March 6, 2012

Super-Tuesday Political Open Thread

Carroll Andrew Morse

Here is the schedule of poll closing times for tonight's Super-Tuesday primaries.

7:00 pm

Georgia (Primary)
Vermont (Primary)
Virginia (Primary)
7:30 pm
Ohio (Primary)
8:00 pm
Massachusetts (Primary)
Oklahoma (Primary)
Tennessee (Primary)
9:00 pm
North Dakota (Caucuses)
About 10:00 pm
Idaho (Caucuses)
12:00 am
Alaska (Caucuses)

The Republican National Committee has the delegate allocation rules available here.

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I'd like to call two of the primaries right now:

Georgia: Newt Gingrich
Massachusetts: Mitt Romney

I can't believe that Ohio was at 2 pts yesterday. That should be a big win for Santorum. Anything short of a big win is a loss for him and huge for Romney.

Posted by: Patrick at March 6, 2012 7:32 PM

My feeling, something less than a prediction, is that the race is settling in Romney's favor. Santorum's inability to turn the 16-14 delegate count in MI into some kind of momentum doesn't bode well for his ability to really break through.

Posted by: Andrew at March 6, 2012 7:43 PM
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