December 21, 2011

UPDATE: Zaccaria New RI GOP Chairman; Liveblogging the Election of Rhode Island's New Republican Chair, Part 2

Carroll Andrew Morse

[8:07] We're up to "Providence" in the voting.

[8:14] Woonsocket was just called. We should be getting close to the finish of voting.

[8:17] Balloting closed. Votes being counted. Results expected in 15 mins or so.

[8:34] Results of a raffle being announced. I don't think one of the prizes is the chairmanship.

[8:41] Votes have been tallied. Results will be announced to the candidates first...

[8:43] Zaccaria 82; McKay 59; McKendall 36

[8:44] McKay announces he will withdraw from a second ballot.

[8:47] McKay endorses Zaccaria

[8:49] McKendall withdraws. Mark Zaccaria is the new chair.

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Wow, that's not the result I expected on the first ballot. Also interesting that McKay is offering to drop out. Sounds like a "if you don't want me, I'll go" kind of thing.

Posted by: Patrick at December 21, 2011 8:47 PM

Interesting evening. Mark is white bread; Ray will host a party of one, two or three; and who is this Tina McKendall? So great to see another strong woman in THE GOP! Where did they find her? Classy woman... hope Mark does something dramatic... GOP needs a reboot!

Posted by: Catherine at December 22, 2011 12:54 AM

It's actually uncommon for us (RIGOP) to have more than one person on the ballot, and in the rare instance there is, usually deals are made beforehand.

Ray had decided prior to tonight that if he came in second place on the first ballot that he would withdraw and support Mark, and Mark had indicated likewise to Ray. They are good friends and intend to remain so. Mark is absolutely someone who we can work with.

That being said, Mark will provide competent, stable leadership for the party going into the next election cycle. I'm also quite sure that he's not a "lone ranger"... he'll listen to others and make the best decision based on what data is available. He's been there, done that. He may not the the most exciting person out there, but I'm not sure we need excitement. We just need to prove that we can work together as a party and actually get some good Republicans elected. That's his and our mission.

It's easy to blame Democrats for everything, but we share part of that blame for often not providing alternatives worthy of support. We also need to do a lot better job of marketing what we actually do have to offer.

Posted by: Will at December 22, 2011 1:30 AM
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