December 19, 2011

RIGOP Chair Candidate (First of Three): Tina McKendall

Monique Chartier

On Wednesday evening, the RIGOP will be choosing a new Chair. Anchor Rising is profiling each of the candidates. This is Tina McKendall.


I am a member of the Rhode Island small business community, an employer, the mother of three children, a wife, sister, friend and neighbor. My husband, Don, and I have been married for almost 30 years and have raised three independent and successful children.

I received my B.S. degree in nursing at Rhode Island College. For many years, I was a labor and delivery nurse at Women and Infants Hospital. Due to this experience, I know first-hand that Obama Care will not only destroy the best health care system in the world, but also will put enormous economic strain on all Americans.

As Vice President of Servpro of Northern Rhode Island, our family-owned business, I have spent a great deal of time talking with entrepreneurs, businesses of all sizes, families and individuals across the state and throughout our nation. People in our state are very focused on finding jobs, making our state competitive for business opportunities, limiting government, and reducing taxes.

In bullet form (single sentence answers), what do you see as the three most important components of the job that the next Chair will need to focus on in order to continue building the party?

1) Winning: We need to win more elections. I plan on hiring a political director. S/he will be focused primarily on winning GA seats. My goal is to win 10 more senate seats and have a total of 30 Republican house seats. We will be in constant communication with Senate, Congressional and statewide campaigns. I will also work with my 39 fellow town and city chairs to help them come up with a game plan for winning more town/city council seats and school committee and local elections.

2) Fundraising: After I am elected Chair, I will perform an audit to see what we have and create a budget to see what we will need. I will then create a fundraising plan to meet the budget. My goal will be to raise ten percent more than what is needed. Excess money that comes in will be given to GA candidates who have won their primaries.

3) Branding/Messaging: The purpose of the RI Republican Party is to Retain, Recruit, Rally and Elect Republicans throughout the state of Rhode Island. I want to make sure all Rhode Islanders know that. I will utilize social media (i.e. Facebook) and maximize traditional media to get that message out.

Tina can be contacted via e-mail at