December 20, 2011

RIGOP Chair Candidate (Third of Three): Mark Zaccaria

Monique Chartier

On Wednesday evening, the RIGOP will be choosing a new Chair. Anchor Rising is profiling each of the candidates. This is Mark Zaccaria.


Mark Zaccaria is a lifelong Republican whose campaign experience dates back to his High School days, distributing literature for Barry Goldwater’s run for President. Mark’s campaign experience also extends forward to his successful campaign for a seat on the North Kingstown Town Council and his two cycle run for Rhode Island’s Congressional Seat in District 2.

In-between, Mr. Zaccaria served on active duty in the United States Air Force. He also had a career in corporate management and now runs a small consultancy out of his home in Saunderstown. Married these 35 years to Ruth Carter Zaccaria, the two are the proud parents of three adult children all of whom still live or work in Rhode Island.

In bullet form (single sentence answers), what do you see as the three most important components of the job that the next Chair will need to focus on in order to continue building the party?

There are only two jobs for the next Chair of the RI GOP:

- Raising Money for the Republican General Assembly Slate in 2012

- Being the Face and Voice of the Party to the press and public

The new Chair must concentrate on these two items, only. The Executive Director has the continuity and detailed understanding of all administrative matters, which he should handle. The Chair might have to be consulted on policy matters as they come up but the continuity represented by a capable ED who is also a member of the RI Bar should be used to advantage to permit the Chair to focus on Fundraising.

Mark can be contacted via e-mail at

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All three sound excellent and it would be great if the two that don't win are able to help in some major capacity, to possibly for some kind of "cabinet" for the Chair.

It would be great if some focus can also be paid on the amount of time that each have available to devote to the job. It is a volunteer position currently, so the chair needs to have some sort of income. But if one of them is able to devote more time to the position than others, that in itself should carry more weight.

Good luck to all three tomorrow night. Hopefully the party will get the right person and start to rebuild in a successful direction.

Posted by: Patrick at December 20, 2011 11:04 AM

I hope that the GOP appoints Mark to this spot - I strongly support him as a first rate individual that will help the GOP.

Jim Parkin

Posted by: Jim Parkin at December 20, 2011 3:55 PM
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