August 18, 2011

Charting a New Course

Marc Comtois

So we tried to see if we could make a fiscal go of it, as Justin has explained, but now we’re scaling back a bit at Anchor Rising. (Some of us--me--got an early start with a particularly busy summah). Over the last few months, we’ve all have found it harder to do our duty and put up regular posts, as we’ve felt obligated to do since we started taking sponsors (as Justin touched upon with Matt Allen last night), while also waiting for some group or individual to step forward and help us fund a full-time position. We thought it was worth a shot.

Obviously, we share the same ideological touchstone as many conservatives, libertarians and even some of those “traditional” Rhode Island Democrats and Independents. But that doesn’t, or hasn’t, translated into funding to help us take Anchor Rising to another level. It appears, to me at least, that an established “brand” like Anchor Rising isn’t attractive for funding because our voice isn’t likely to be shaped or altered depending on who is supplying the coin. Let’s face it, ideology or philosophy aside, we think what we think and we post it. There are little battles amongst the ranks of political movements and we tend not to take sides in those. But we’ll sure as hell tell you if we think you’re wrong, even if we agree with you on most other things. A lot of people—groups or investors—can’t handle that, especially if they’re giving you money. And I can’t say that I really fault anyone for that attitude. It’s their money.

After Justin’s post on Monday, long-time new media “friend of the blog” Ian Donnis noted it and highlighted a statement I made about blogging in an interview that Justin, Andrew and I had with Ian (while he was at the Phoenix) in 2008:

“You have to do it because you love doing it for its own sake. Lots of blogs flame out. People get bored or realize how hard it is. But I think that so long as you are passionate about something — whether politics, music, food or whatever — you will be able to keep it going. Just don’t ever look at it as a way to make money or gain power.”

I guess I was right, but it was worth a try. While it is a "scaling back", I prefer to think of it as charting a new course. Still on the journey, just going a different way (in a smaller boat!).

All that aside, I like to think we’ve helped inform and coalesce Rhode Islanders over the last few years; that we’ve helped them realize that things don’t have to be as they are just because “this is Rhode Island.” For the nearly 7 years we’ve been going at it, we’ve seen other conservative groups—some of them sponsors--come and go. We were here before OSPRI and their Transparency Train. We were here before RISC changed their “S” from “Shoreline” to “Statewide”. We were here before the Tea Partiers and we started before Matt Allen got his own show. Some have exited from the scene or become less or more influential. Some have changed direction and some continue on. We’ll continue on, too (if not as prolifically!).

After all this time, we and our commenters and our readers have become a sort of big family: full of conservative and liberal brothers and sisters (and a few libertarian middle children) and more than our fair share of spaced out cousins and just plain crazy old uncles (you know who you are). We’ll still be here to offer a conservative perspective and our comments section will remain as our own "lively experiment" by providing you with a forum to agree or argue (and yes, to flame or troll--again, you know who you are!).

But enough of that. Let's continue sailing on.

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Do you think you have enough name recognistion to attract more contributors? Something like American Thinker.

Posted by: Warrington Faust at August 18, 2011 7:37 PM

AR is one of the most impressive political blogs in the country, especially considering the fact that its thoughtful and thought-provoking content is written by four genuine amateurs. It is always a pleasure to read. I hope that some benefactors pick up on these posts and make an investment in this critical outlet for conservative, classic-liberal thought.

Posted by: BobN at August 18, 2011 8:15 PM

This is a case of the right blog at the right time in the wrong place. Rhode Island is a hopeless progressive sinkhole of despair. 7 years of phenomenal advocacy and political education, and Rhode Island is worse off than when it started.

If this blog moved to a liberty-friendly state like Virginia or New Hampshire, or a more dynamic political environment like DC, its impact would be tremendous.

I cannot in good conscience give money to an organization that advocates for people staying in Rhode Island. The only way change will ever come to the state is if the corrupt politicians run out of other people's money to play with. Vote with your feet, it's the only way your vote will ever matter in Rhode Island.

Posted by: Dan at August 18, 2011 8:35 PM

I regret to say that Dan has an almost unarguable point. There is no analogy to rats fleeing a sinking ship.

I often thought Bristol would be a nice place to retire to. I have posted on talking to the local sheriff about moving back to North Carolina and being told "don't bring your attitudes with you". That comment hit the mark.

Posted by: Warrington Faust at August 18, 2011 10:56 PM

Maybe I'll see you there, Warrington. If we do grow tired of Virginia (DC is still too "Northern" for our tastes, and the traffic is unpleasant), my significant other and I have pledged to only move further South from here on out. It's improved our lives immensely so far. We've been talking more and more frequently about North Carolina. Finding a house would be easy - finding a job might be a bit more difficult. Recessions don't last forever though (except in Rhode Island).

Posted by: Dan at August 18, 2011 11:18 PM


My family home is in Duplin, NC, but I spent my early years in Tidewater,VA.

I still find something compelling about "Y'all come back! Hear?". You know you are still a Northerner if you understand that as "Y'all come back here".

Posted by: Warrington Faust at August 19, 2011 8:29 AM

"And we've done a fair bit of good"_Justin Katz

AR has done a "huge" bit of good.

Posted by: Lee at August 20, 2011 11:25 AM
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