July 14, 2011

Raimondo: Disability Pension record keeping not so good

Marc Comtois

General Treasurer Gina Raimondo reveals that the RI Disability Pension record-keeping system hasn't been up to snuff (via ProJo):

In 2009, 18 percent of the 559 disability files lacked paperwork that is supposed to be filed yearly showing that the worker is still disabled and how much money they have earned in addition to their pension, according to an auditor's report.

"Among the years we examined, that was the best result," said Boyd Foster of auditing firm Sullivan & Company, headquartered in Providence.

Other years had about 40 percent of the paperwork missing while some had none or virtually none of the required paperwork, Foster told the board.

"There were clearly some holes there," he said.

Almost like people were hiding something.

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Gina is trying but she's shaking the sacred tree of RI corruption. The root runs deep and will not be easily brought down. There are simply too many people (union leaders,GA members,public employees,etc.) invested in maintaining the status quo. Wish her luck. The system is entrenched and has a lot more experience than she does.

Posted by: ANTHONY at July 14, 2011 7:09 PM
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