June 21, 2011

Yes, Let's Address the Problem

Justin Katz

I have to express agreement with this comment that Project Future 2000 and Beyond founder Osiris Harrell made during discussion of the proposed Cranston mayoral academy:

"Public schools can be fixed if you people focused on what's wrong with the public schools, instead of spending all this time in trying to reinvent the wheel," Harrell said.

The difference is that many of us believe that the underlying problem with public education is the unioniized, bureaucratic morass into which it's been dragged, and by layering in some degree of competition, to highlight the problems of the public school system by contrast, charter schools can at least begin to change the discussion from the well worn rhetoric of unions and other entrenched players.

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Well at least you're being honest that the real goal of these is to disenfranchise the unions.

Posted by: Russ at June 21, 2011 4:35 PM

What kind of sick mind would interpret Justin's post as being only about "disenfranchising the unions"?

The unions are a cancer on the education system. If you want the body to survive, the only thing to do about cancer is to eradicate it.

Since you're defending the unions this afternoon, what have the unions done to establish a Deming-like culture of quality in the public schools?

Posted by: BobN at June 21, 2011 4:49 PM
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