June 3, 2011

Now for some good news: TACO Expands

Marc Comtois

For good reason, it's easy to focus on the bad around here. But there are positive signs every now and then. As reported by WPRO, TACO, Inc. has gone ahead and broken ground on a new expansion: the "Innovation and Development Center". Obviously John Hazen White Jr., owner of TACO, is confident the budgeted costs won't increase from any tax law changes. The purpose of the expansion is important to note. Companies--manufacturers in particular--used to rely heavily on institutionalized training/apprenticeship programs.

For instance, my father was accepted to the General Electric Apprenticeship program back in the late '60s, where he learned how to do things the "G.E." way. To be sure, many companies have continued such programs, including TACO, but I think they were de-emphasized as more kids received college degrees or went to technical schools to learn skills. I wonder if the new expansion is a sign that TACO will re-emphasize getting prospective employees in-house quicker to learn the "TACO way."

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Bad news.
White, Amgen and others should issue the GA an ultimatum-"Make the cuts, no new taxes, fix the pensions (for real not kayfabe) or we're outta here July 1".

Posted by: Tommy Cranston at June 3, 2011 7:04 PM

Sorry, this all seems fishy to me. A few weeks ago JHW was telling everyone that he would not expand until he knew what the new tax plan and structure would be. He didn't like the plan Chafee rolled out. What has changed? The budget still hasn't passed and the Assembly is still debating the new taxations. Yet TACO feels it's ok to expand now? What changed?

Posted by: Patrick at June 4, 2011 8:24 AM
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