May 31, 2011

C.F. Principal: Ho Hum, Now That I've Enjoyed Seven Months Paid Leave, Guess I'll Ask Why I was Taken Off the Job

Monique Chartier

Presumably, the Central Falls school administration messed up by placing Ms. Legault on leave and then forgetting (or ???) that they did so. And it goes without saying that it would be a rare occurance, indeed, for private sector resources to be squandered in this way.

Elizabeth Legault started out the year as co-principal at the [Central Falls] Calcutt Middle School but was put on administrative leave in October 2010. She has been on leave since then, all the while collecting her full $105,500 salary.

It wasn’t until earlier this month, on May 5, that the school district issued her a formal reprimand letter. Now, since she wasn’t put on suspension or received another more serious punishment, Legault is wondering why she is not being allowed to return to work, according to her attorney, Jeff Sowa. Since the district has not provided a reason, Sowa has filed an injunction in Providence County Superior Court requiring that the district let her back into Calcutt Middle School.

Funny, though, how the co-principal carefully did not ask why she had been placed on leave until AFTER she had enjoyed a seven month vacation funded by the taxpayer. You have to wonder where the pride in professionalism is here. Will Ms. Legault place this seven month leave on her resume? If she does, how will she explain it? The only honest answer - "No one was watching the till so I helped myself" - presumably would not play well, even in an interview for a public sector job.

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So many FAILs, so little time.

Posted by: Rosie at May 31, 2011 2:10 PM

Gall probably figure, "Gee, if I keep paying her, maybe she won't talk."
Sounds like the master player got played herself.

Posted by: bella at May 31, 2011 3:36 PM

The fault here lies with the administration failing to make a timely decision on her status. Also, if the infraction ultimately only warrented a letter of reprimand, why on earth did Gallo place her on leave in the first place!?

I would do exactly as she did, I would not pester my boss to decide to keep or fire me as I would not want to instigate him/her. I would not beg for a decision which would hasten the end of the income off of which I live.

A reasonable person would have assumed she was going to be terminated, sooner rather than later. No normal person would seek to hasten a termination under these circumstances.

Monique, the fault here is Gallo's. Its a silly, silly argument to villify the VP.

Posted by: Rich at May 31, 2011 3:51 PM

Looks like Gallo needs to Gogo.

Posted by: Tommy Cranston at May 31, 2011 7:27 PM
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