February 14, 2011

Hey, At Least We've Got the Fetish Fair

Marc Comtois

Even in bad economic times, conventions and the like can give the local economy a boost.

On Sunday, buyers jammed the hotel rooms-turned-storefronts on several floors. There’s even a 20-percent-off sale on whips.

But shopping isn’t the only draw. In the bondage room, attendees practice their knots and tie each other up.

“I’m being punished for talking too much,” says a petite young woman crisscrossed with ropes.

Others attend dozens of classes that reflect a taste for the exotic, including Hypnotic Belly Dancing, Belt Bondage, Discovering Your Inner Sadist and Creative Humiliation.

No word on whether any events were held at the State House.

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Providence has long been a player in this market, we have a lot of hip weirdos here. I'll bet a big proportion of the sales are of locally-made goods, which is awesome for our economy.

I also can't think of a demographic more likely to go out and boost the local hotel/bar/food economy more than these folks.

Posted by: mangeek at February 14, 2011 12:50 PM
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