February 10, 2011

AZ to Fed Gov: You Claim It As Your Purview

Monique Chartier

... so buckle down.

Arizona on Thursday filed a lawsuit against the federal government, alleging that Washington has failed to secure the state's porous border with Mexico. ...

"Because the federal government has failed to protect the citizens ... of Arizona, I am left with no other choice," Brewer told reporters at a news conference in central Phoenix, as several boisterous protesters attempted to shout her down.

"We did not want this fight. We did not start this fight. But, now that we are in it, Arizona will not rest until our border is secured and federal immigration laws are enforced," she added.

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So when is Chafee going to sue Arizona for aiding and abetting intolerance?

Posted by: TProv at February 11, 2011 3:36 AM

Long overdue. Kudos to Gov. Brewer for her intolerance of illegal aliens and the indifference of Washington.
Always encouraging to see American pols who actually stand up for America and Americans.

Posted by: Tim at February 11, 2011 7:39 AM

I wondered when Arizona was going to get around to this. Under the United States Constitution's "Guaranty Clause," Art. IV, sec. 4, cl. 2, the United States promises to protect the States "against invasion . . "

It's not at all clear that a federal court can enforce this clause in a lawsuit, but the federal government's failure to protect Arizona as required by the clause may well serve to justify Arizona's effort to do so on its own and serve as a defense to Pres. Obama's suit against Gov. Brewer.

(By the way, the lead SCOTUS case on a related provision of the Guaranty Clause -- the promise of a "republican form of government" -- is a case that arose out of the Dorr Rebellion.)

Posted by: brassband at February 11, 2011 9:27 AM
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