February 7, 2011

Insider Politics: A Girl's Gotta Eat!

Marc Comtois

WPRI's Ted Nesi had the first tip clued me in (WRNI's Ian Donnis had it first on his Tip Sheet~apologies Ian!) that former Moderate Gubernatorial Campaign runner Christine Hunsinger (who was a Dem before that as press secretary for Democratic Congressional hopeful Elizabeth Dennigan) will now be an independent as Governor Chafee's Legislative Director. Nesi remembered that all those months ago Hunsinger said that Chafee was "disingenuous" and "playing politics." Now I guess she wants to jump in the sandbox with him:

“I am honored that Governor Chafee has given me this tremendous opportunity to serve the people of Rhode Island,” Hunsinger said. “His commitment to turning the state’s economy around, creating and preserving jobs, and getting Rhode Island working again is clear – and I am proud to be joining his administration.”
Funny how a paycheck and lack of other opportunities can change your, er, perspective.

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She was a loser from Day 1.

Posted by: joe bernstein at February 7, 2011 4:21 PM

$$ Pigs at the trough $$

Posted by: Tim at February 7, 2011 5:37 PM

Wow, the first thought that came to mind is "whore", but with her being a woman, that'll be taken the wrong way, but it really is what this sounds like. She'll just sell herself out to anyone with a paycheck. She thought the Moderates and Ken Block was the way to go, the right person to lead the state and Chafee was not. Now that he's offering a job, hey, Linc ain't so bad.

Ain't nuthin' like having principles...

Posted by: Patrick at February 8, 2011 9:26 AM

Scummy opportunist.

Posted by: Dan at February 8, 2011 10:04 AM

One important thing the GOP needs to do in 2014 is expose Block for the liberal that he is. Instead of taking votes from Caprio and Robitaille, he should have taken votes from Chafee.

Block is more like Chafee than anyone else who ran.

Posted by: George at February 8, 2011 12:07 PM

Yeah,patrick,"whore"will always be taken in the wrong way with a woman-moneygrubbing hack is more gender neutral.

Posted by: joe bernstein at February 8, 2011 1:36 PM

Until Chafee fails to get reelected, he should sack his Legislative Director-turned-Press Secretary Christine Hunsinger. She is the Mother Gump to his inner-Forrest. Inept, incompetent, and imbecilic, Hunsinger is an egocentric, opportunistic moron who has no place in state government. Then again, most policy staff in Rhode Island are foolish schmucks. Chafee’s facial tics have even made more official moves than he has during his sad and dreary gubernatorial tenure.

Hunsinger is an elitist limousine liberal, who, within the first five minutes of meeting you, will tell you all about the master’s degree she got at Brown while she was in her forties. And that woman who perhaps may have seemed to have had a bit too much to drink at Local 121? That was probably her too. I wonder who was taking care of her kids (who allegedly suffer from autism) while she was out drinking with all of the other self-interested, pseudo-intellectual, disingenuous opportunistic political operatives that take advantage of poverty-stricken Rhode Islanders with their double-dealing rhetoric that have all the time in the world to drink but can’t attend a rally to support a kid who was tortured while in the foster care system.

Hunsinger also once called the Rhode Island State Police because I visited the Legislative and Policy offices “too often” in my capacity as a registered lobbyist for Nexus. Last time I checked, that’s what a lobbyist does. Even the State Police detective was nice enough to remind me that she overreacted. The situation was later rectified, with the help of Capitol Police Chief Joseph Little, not by a scheduled meeting (which is all that I requested), but an impromptu, muddled brouhaha composed of myself and the governor’s ragtag policy team, including John Cucco, Brian Daniels, and others. Who is more at fault? The team that assembled together at the unrequested drop of a hat? Or the lobbyist, who patiently waited for months to schedule a briefing session on proposed child abuse prevention legislation that would save the state millions of dollars through community-based placements?

If this is a snapshot of a day in the life of working in Governor Chafee’s administration, every Rhode Island citizen must fear for his or her life. The state is not being governed - it’s not even being presided over. The gubernatorial staff is composed of self-absorbed, irrational individuals with no real insight into the tribulations and disarraying difficulties facing Rhode Islanders that don’t live in Newport or on the East Side of Providence. Most, if not all, clearly have a personal agenda that revolves around career advancement. These people live, eat, and breathe politics. Not only will they most likely rotate from congressional delegate to state office to non-profit lobbying entity, but they will also continue to tell you that they are working to make Rhode Island a better place to live (which could not be further from the truth) in order to make themselves feel better.

Hunsinger’s behavior and personality is especially disturbing. Upon my first visit to her office, I recall seeing 10-15 coffee cups scattered around a desk covered in carelessly thrown documents and food that must have been days old. On the floor resided several pairs of heels, semi-filled bottles of Diet Coke, and more paperwork. This was when she was legislative director. And now she handles communicative (or in her case, anti-communicative) affairs for not only the legislative office, but every other department in the Executive Office of the Governor? Ha!

And now this woman, who overreacts, seems to drink too much, can’t seem to take an active role in the care of her own (allegedly autistic) kids, and blatantly uses public power for personal gain is the governor’s press secretary? Something is really, really wrong.

Go ahead, Christine - call the State Police to report this blog. I think the last government with the mindset that police existed to fulfill personal vice-ridden, undemocratic and intimidating acts that you couldn’t handle yourself was called the Third Reich.

Posted by: Nicholas Alahverdian at September 22, 2012 4:55 AM
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