October 31, 2010

An Incumbent State Senator, on the Chafee Promise that the General Assembly Will Pass His Tax Increase

Carroll Andrew Morse

Responding via the comments section to the public assurance put forth by independent candidate Lincoln Chafee during Friday night's WJAR-TV (NBC 10) gubernatioral debate, that the state legislature will go along with his proposal to extend the Rhode Island sales tax to items currently not taxed...

If the governor is leading the way on a tax increase...the General Assembly is going to go along. That's the governor's leadership. That's his plan and they can go along with it. That's going to happen.
...District 32 State Senator David Bates (Barrington/Bristol), who is running for reelection, offers the following response...
There is no way in hell that I would support Chafee's tax increase.

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