October 30, 2010

Lincoln Chafee Promises that the General Assembly Will Pass His Tax Increase. Another Candidate for State Rep Dissents.

Carroll Andrew Morse

Responding via the comments to independent candidate Lincoln Chafee's statement, made during Friday's night's Gubernatorial debate on WJAR-TV (NBC 10), that it can be assumed that the General Assembly will "go along" with his proposal to expand the Rhode Island sales tax to items currently untaxed...

If the governor is leading the way on a tax increase...the General Assembly is going to go along. That's the governor's leadership. That's his plan and they can go along with it. That's going to happen.
...District 44 State Representative candidate Jennifer Hirons (Johnston/Lincoln/Smithfield) says that...
I would not support this increase.

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Mr. Chafee has another thing coming to him if he believes that we, the reformers of RI, would ever support his tax increase on exempt items. When elected to the House I will fight this with my entire being.

What Mr. Chafee is counting on is that passive RIers rule the polls on Tuesday and fail to make the changes that we need in the GA. Let's not let that happen.

By the way... just what would Chafee's 1% cost us each?

Well here are a few examples...

Let's look at health care...
Average premium cost in RI = $11,934
Add the Chafee tax and you can kiss goodbye another $119.34 of your hard earned dollars.

Let's consider that the average RI wage is $43000 and the average American spends 14% on their income at the grocery store = $6020 per year. Add the Chafee tax and an additional $60 is stripped from you each year.

In just two short examples you are down about $180. THere goes your weekend get a way to the Cape. These are just two examples of how Linc Chafee is ready to screw over the working people of RI. Let's tell him NO THANKS!

Jim Quinlan
Candidate for House 15
Let's take down the Majority Leader!

Posted by: Jim Quinlan at October 30, 2010 11:35 PM
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