October 30, 2010

Lincoln Chafee Promises that the General Assembly Will Pass His Tax Increase. Another Dissent from a State Senate Candidate.

Carroll Andrew Morse

Senate District 19 candidate Beth Moura (Cumberland), who is running for the open seat being vacated by outgoing Senate Majority leader "the rules say we can't count the votes" Dan Connors, has this to say about independent Gubernatorial candidate Lincoln Chafee's proposal to expand the Rhode Island sales tax to goods currently not taxed...

We've been raising taxes for decades. If raising taxes is the answer, HOW is it possible that our state is in the fiscal position it is? The reason for the outrageous taxes must be addressed, and that is simply not being done by our Democratic-controlled general assembly.

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My taxes are up already this year. Property, Fire and a new car tax i have never had before. This is all before the election! Haven't heard of any cutbacks or layoffs here in Cumberland though. Now PWSB wants to warn me about a 22.75% rate hike coming soon. Anyone who thinks it is okay to get more tax money from ANYWHERE needs their head examined.

Posted by: brian at October 30, 2010 11:12 PM
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