October 28, 2010

ProJo PolitiFlacks for Cicilline

Marc Comtois

Oh, it sounds so good, doesn't it? PolitiFact will fact check politicians to see what is true and not. But, as we've been pointing out here and there, PolitiFact can be used as another vehicle to slant political news coverage, albeit under the guise of "fair and balanced" fact checking. Justin has already explained how context can skew the "meter reading", but selection bias is also a major factor in the sort of "news shaping" for which the ProJo is obviously using PolitiFactFlack when it comes to the Laughlin/Cicilline Congressional race.

The ProJo has already endorsed Cicilline, but it's also interesting that the last three "fact checks" done by their inferentially unbiased PolitFact feature have all had to do with the 1st Congressional District race and all have come out favorably for Cicilline. They include a "Mostly True" in favor of a Cicilline claim against Loughlin, a "Barely True" regarding an independent ad attacking Cicilline and a "False" about a Loughlin claim regarding global warming (which doesn't seem particularly germane to the overall race). Overall, since the beginning of the race, the 'Flacks have given Loughlin 1 "Barely True", 2 "False" and 1 "Pants on Fire." Meanwhile, Cicilline has earned 1 "True", 1 "Mostly True", 1 "Half True" and 1 "False" (Cicilline's exaggerated claim that he brought $3 billion in economic development).

It's understandable that a Congressional race would garner significant attention from the 'Flacks. But the breakdown of their "results" and their late concentration on this race to the exclusion of others is revealing. Could it be that the CD-1 race is a little too close for comfort for the Fountain street gentry?

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The latest Politifraud piece about global warmism is itself a slimy used tissue of falsehoods.

Posted by: BobN at October 28, 2010 9:54 AM

The projo wouldn't make a decent piece of toilet paper.
It used to be a fairly good news source,but nowadays with political attack dogs like Cynthia Needham,Katherine Gregg,Karen Lee Ziner,and Steve Peoples who needs columnists?
Amanda Milkovits is the only good reporter there.She writes in an entertaining way without ignoring the essential facts.
Kerr is demented,and Froma Harrop not too much better.At least Charlie Bakst is gone-he was a true wretch.
I had an encounter with Mike Stanton once,and he seemed to be ready to immediately assume things without really having a clue.
And that is an investigative reporter?Scary.
The projo even runs a shakedown for obituaries.
Total scum running the show there.

Posted by: joe bernstein at October 28, 2010 10:36 AM
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