October 14, 2010

The Book and the Campaigns

Justin Katz

On last night's Matt Allen Show, Matt and I talked about Proud to Be Right and the campaign-season mood of Rhode Island. Stream by clicking here, or download it.

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The wire service adds that another 900 flights had been canceled by midday today, and which also a line of blizzard and winter storm warnings extends to New York and on to Maine. The Associated Press says you'll find now at a minimum six storm-related deaths. In combination with the three reported earlier in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma, the wire service says two passengers in a very car with a sleet-slickened Arkansas highway died Wednesday if your vehicle crossed the center line and struck an SUV head-on. In Oklahoma, the Highway Patrol said a 76-year-old Wisconsin woman died Tuesday. She was a passenger in an exceedingly car that was hit head-on each time a pickup truck crossed into oncoming traffic on Interstate 44.

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