September 28, 2010

Plenty of Anti-GOP News, Still No DOJ News

Justin Katz

As of Monday's edition, the Providence Journal had still not deigned to mention Congressional testimony about racial bias in Obama's Department of Justice. Indeed, yesterday's paper revisited the apparently more-important testimony of comedian Stephen Colbert that migrant farm workers do work that a Hollywood celebrity might find arduous.

Curiously, as well, Sunday's paper featured an entire above-the-fold page (B7) of arguable advocacy for national Democrats. Top left was an "analysis" declaring the GOP's "Pledge to America" to be a heavily poll-tested document, with all of the insinuations that come with such a quality:

Billed as a Pledge to America, the House Republican campaign manifesto is as much political straddle as conservative call to action, long on poll-tested goals, short on controversial specifics and designed to reassure independent voters who abandoned the party in the last two elections.

In case that tint wasn't adequate, the piece immediately below gave President Obama almost as much space to do his hyper-partisan schtick about the "disastrous decade" that he managed to make worse. Filling the rest of the page was an article about potential third-party election spoilers, with a heavy emphasis on moderate (read: "liberal") Republicans edged out in primaries by dissatisfied conservatives:

Nine-term Rep. Mike Castle of Delaware is the third prominent Republican to consider a third-party bid this year after a suffering a stinging setback at the hands of tea-party-backed conservatives.

If Castle decides to make an independent run for Senate, he will join Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski in refusing to let GOP primary voters force them into retirement.

Some folks presume that media bias is a subconscious slip into what editors and journalists believe just to be objective truth, but it simply isn't possible that a quasicompetent editor wouldn't see how this collection of stories would come across.

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"Mike Castle of Delaware is the third prominent Republican to consider a third-party bid this year after a suffering a stinging setback at the hands of tea-party-backed conservatives."

Oh I don't know, here's an idea Mike. How about you go back to being a conservative and stop spending money when your party is in power? We always hear about how the Republicans want to cut taxes and curb spending. Cut, cut, cut. But then you look at a graph of when they were in power and the spending still goes up, up, up. The size of government goes up, up, up. Granted, it's not as large or dramatic as when the Democrats are in charge, but saying you want to cut taxes and cut spending, yet you still grow government? It's no wonder that third party candidates are beating Republicans right now.

Posted by: Patrick at September 28, 2010 11:21 AM

The ProJo? Are they still in business? Not with help from any of my money.

Who, what, when, why and where reporting? Where did that all go?

Posted by: chuckR at September 28, 2010 12:03 PM
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