September 25, 2010

Congressional Timidity on ObamaCare - Or - We Certainly Won't Remind You What We Did

Monique Chartier

Further to Justin's post, ABC's The Note is hard pressed to find any congressperson expending precious campaign dollars to broadcast their "Yea" vote for ObamaCare.

Six months after President Obama signed a sweeping health care measure into law, how many Democrats nation-wide are running TV ads touting their votes for the law?

Answer: Zero

Caveat: We have trolled through ads ourselves and checked with Republicans and Democrats who would know. So its possible there is some innocuous ad out there. But it would be the exception that proves the rule.

A survey two weeks ago by Jennifer Haberkorn at Politico came to the same conclusion.

Many congresspeople voted for Obamacare. They must have thought it was a good thing. So why the scarcity of tv ads bragging about that vote? Why the reluctance to run on their own voting record on this matter?