September 21, 2010

But Don't Tar Everybody, Especially When Independence Is the Message

Justin Katz

However one feels about specific, statewide campaigns, it's worth remembering that candidates (especially those running as Republicans) are individuals worthy of assessment on their own merits. It remains critical to bring new faces and political balance to the General Assembly, especially in light of the proven union influence on policy, there. The Clean Slate Web site has been updated, with a by-district listing of candidates in your area, some with their own Web sites.

It's also worth remembering that the Clean Slate program is available to independent candidates, as well as Republicans. Those not already on the list should consider contacting the initiative's director, Mike Stenhouse (email).

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My rule of thumb for the primary was "no endorsed candidates". It's clear we cannot look to either party for leadership. So if we really want "fresh faces", we need to be suspect of the endorsements of the machines.

My rule of thumb for the General is Re-elect no-one. If that throws out a few babies with the bathwater, so be it. The Trillo's, Bateses and Newberry's are pretty weak in the current arrangement. So rather than complicate things by saying throw the bums out, except for Rep. A, or Sen Z, lets keep it simple and just fire everybody.

Since there is no incumbent in the Governors race, I'll have to default to whatever strategy aids a Chafee defeat.

For other state wide races I'm considering worthy write-ins.

John Loughlin for District 1 is the only vote I'm comfortable with this time around.

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