August 22, 2010

Heads Up, EDC, Looks Like You'll Have a Visitor at Tomorrow's Meeting (Though the Gov Tried to Dissuade Him)

Monique Chartier

On Thursday, Governor Carcieri's office released the two page letter in which he declines a request by former Senator Chafee's to meet with the EDC board to express his objection to the process by which a $75 million state loan guarantee was given to 38 Studios.

In response to your request to meet with the Board, I must respectfully decline. It is inappropriate for the EDC to become engaged in this political campaign. Your concerns have been fully communicated.

Nevertheless, the senator has vowed to attend anyway, though public comments are not part of the EDC agenda.

Senator Chafee still plans on going to the Monday meeting of the RIEDC Board in the hope that he will be allowed to speak the meeting as a citizen and taxpayer.
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Well if the don is for this deal that should be the kiss of death, but unfortunately it isn't. Chaffee is right on this one even if his motives are political

Posted by: Swazool at August 22, 2010 4:47 PM
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