April 15, 2010

Andrew Checks in from the Tea Party

Justin Katz

I got tied up working in Newport, today, but Andrew's at the State House sending me photos from the Tax Day Tea Party.

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The signs are pretty funny esp the first one. As someone who couldn't attend, anyone have any comments on how it went and what the crowd was like?

Posted by: steadman at April 15, 2010 6:08 PM

Looks like they are having their feelings hurt and now have a chip on their shoulders!

Ingrates! We give them a tax cut and they complain that they spent it on a sign! Well, I didn't tell them to do that!

Then one of them tells us "you can't fix stupid" while another acts like they are our friendly neighbor. Tell you this much - my neighbor doesn't call me stupid and then ask me to like him!

I'm all for the new friendly tea party....

Posted by: Stuart at April 15, 2010 6:11 PM

Staties say the crowd was 2,000...Dan Yorke estimates 3,000 and the state controlled media at channel 10 says a few hundred. lol
It is hilarious how the libs seek to diminish and dismiss the very things they obsess about 24/7.
Love the signs!
Is crazy Bobby Oliviera still around??

Posted by: Tim at April 15, 2010 6:31 PM

Btw was listening to Dennis and Callahan this morning on WEEI in Boston. They sent their flaming Bush Derangement Syndrome Palin hating liberal producer Iggy out to cover the Boston Tea party yesterday. Iggy put on his Obama T-shirt and mingled in the crowd as he interviewed all kinds of folk.
The amazing part??
Iggy manned up and admitted on air this morning he was blown away at how friendly people were, how knowledgable they were and how non-partisan they were. Ig was blown away at how much bullsh&%, smear and outright lies have been used by his liberal brethren to describe the "good people" he found at the Tea Party.
But who did flaming liberal Iggy find to be thoroughly offensive and embarrassing up in Boston?? The "protestors" who were swearing and failing miserably at their attempts to taunt and bait Tea Party folk into confrontations.
It is always so awesome when the brainwashed on the left have a moment of discovery for themselves and realize just how ugly, evil and untrue the leftist smears have been towards the Tea Party.
Must be because the movement is so irrelevant huh?? lol

Posted by: Tim at April 15, 2010 7:02 PM

Poster contest winner:

GA You Suck

Brief and admirably to the point.

Posted by: chuckR at April 15, 2010 7:38 PM

Doesn't matter whether there is 500 or 5,000 really - our small town halloween parade used to draw 10-15,000 and any decent local rock band or seafood festival will draw 3,000+.

It was a nice day to be outside. I took a walk instead of making a fool of myself.

I see that sign about 12 trillion in debt - I wonder where those folks were when Bush rang up the first 11 trillions of that? Or don't they know about that?

As I heard one media figure say, the platitude and generalities have to stop sometimes and these folks have to figure out if there is anything they actually know...to be the truth...and then to believe in changing. But that seems a long way off.

Posted by: Stuart at April 15, 2010 9:00 PM

>>learn how to throw a rally???

Maybe I missed something, but I did not see throwing a rally as a part of our constitution or founding. Surely, you can cheer for football, rap music or tea, but you only get one vote just like me.

Prediction - and you heard it right here folks.
New England will remain solidly Blue.....not meaning 100%, but still solidly blue.....throughout the foreseeable future. Sure, a lot of folks are frustrated about the problems left by Bush..and they will vote anti-incumbent whether it makes sense or not. But I think that many voters will study the issues and the candidates and vote for the same basic direction which has made New England the leader in everything from income to education to morality (low divorce rates, etc.).

Posted by: Stuart at April 15, 2010 10:46 PM

Poster contest winner:

GA You Suck

Brief and admirably to the point.

Posted by chuckR at April 15, 2010 7:38 PM

I don't think that Ray Charles would be too happy though.

Posted by: Phil at April 16, 2010 6:35 AM

Stewie--There were plenty of people at the event. Bush did a lousy job, and Obama totally made a bad situation worse. Ted Kennedy came from a blue state, but now a republican sits in the seat he formerly occupied for way too long. Chis Cristie is now the Gov of NJ after left wing rule ruined that state. These states and others who had blue leadership rather than red are little more purple these days, and that is an excellent thing.

I don't need anymore taxes, and I certainly want to have the freedom to pick my own health insurance thank you very much. If the left wants to help, or anyone else for that matter, open up the competition among all the states in all things insurance. That will drive the price down.

The people at the tea party were certainly not the fools, but the majority of the GA are for not taking us seriously. Election day is coming in a few short months, and even though not every seat is going to have opposition, a great many are.

Posted by: kathy at April 16, 2010 2:26 PM


No matter how many times you spew made-up numbers (you chided me about that recently - you hypocrit), it does not make what you say true. According to the federal government itself, the Gross Federal Debt at the end of fiscal year 2009 was $10.0 trillion. The debt at the end of f.y. 2000 (right before Bush took office) was $5.6 trillion. He (and a free spending Congress that was controlled by the Democrats for 2 of the 8 years) increased the debt by $4.4 trillion. In just 4 years, Obama's own people estimate that the debt will increase by $6.3 trillion to $16.3 trillion at the end of f.y. 2012. How do you justify that GW Bush was responsible for the first $5.6 trillion that was rung up from 1789 to 2000?

Posted by: Tommy Waugh at April 16, 2010 5:40 PM

Sorry, that should be "hypocrite".

Posted by: Tommy Waugh at April 16, 2010 5:44 PM

"How do you justify that GW Bush was responsible for the first $5.6 trillion that was rung up from 1789 to 2000?"

Via the Haliburton time machine, of course.

Posted by: Monique at April 16, 2010 9:43 PM

Stuart is becoming human kudzu around here.

Posted by: joe bernstein at April 18, 2010 1:37 PM