March 12, 2010

Which Is the Frying Pan, and Which Is the Fire?

Justin Katz

Perhaps a more politically savvy operative than myself would see opportunity in it, but I find it discouraging to watch spats between factions of Rhode Island's ruling party, because neither side will run the state well. It's a bit like watching two ogres battle over who gets the larger portion of your flesh, with little chance that they'll accidentally free you from your cage in the process.

Take Rep. Arthur Corvese (D, North Providence), who has this to say about Speaker Gordon Fox (D, Providence):

Therein lay the substantive difference in the two candidates for speaker. I believe that Gordon Fox's stance on major issues is too far to the left for the good of Rhode Islanders. Speaking strictly for myself, I would say that a Fox speakership will inevitably include, but not be limited to, an increase in the state income tax; a lack of constitutionally sound state limitations on illegal immigration; an economic-development policy overly influenced by environmental extremists; and, of course, the left’s raison d'etre, gay marriage. I firmly believe that neither my constituents in House District 55 in North Providence, nor the taxpaying electorate at large, want this agenda for our state.

And should Speaker Fox decide that he may not want to pursue the aforementioned legislative agenda, he will have no choice, because he will be forced to do so by his liberal supporters inside and outside the House chamber.

And yet, Corvese introduced the current legislation (H7581) concerning binding arbitration for teacher contracts. Voters just can't win.

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Poorly informed Katz says,

And yet, Corvese introduced the current legislation (H7581) concerning binding arbitration for teacher contracts. Voters just can't win.
Dead wrong. Some voters just can't win would be more accurate. Come on in, the water's fine. The best you can do is stick your toe in the pool and complain because you're not getting wet. In case you don't realize it, and by your comments here, you don't. The voters have put these people in power by voting for them, and by a large majority. Get over it.

Posted by: OldTimeLefty at March 12, 2010 8:09 PM

Corvese is just the kind of Democratic good ole boy who is ruining our state. When he gets called on his BS, he busts out the gay bashing, and sad to say, most of the people there fall for it.
Thank God this throwback to the Mezoazoic era doesn't represent my district.

Posted by: rhody at March 13, 2010 4:47 PM
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