March 12, 2010

The Quick Defensiveness Against Warnings of Tyranny

Justin Katz

If you're following my posts on the Tiverton Citizens for Change blog, you might have noticed my liveblog mention of Tiverton Town Council Member Hannibal Costa's comparison of federal mandates on the town to the rise of the Nazis. His comment was surely a bit on the incendiary side, given the minimal nature of the requirement (emergency training for town officials), but the general argument is right on, and one that he's been making as long as I've been watching town politics.

Well, the editors of the Newport Daily News thought Costa's statements egregious enough to merit a chastisement in Wednesday's paper (making a curious reference to his "ilk"). This morning, I explain why the editors' reaction is, itself, a bit extreme and, moreover, potentially dangerous.

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Godwin's Law anyone?

I think people just have to be careful with their Nazi references still, just the same as people won't get much support if they joke about or take the Sept. 11 attacks lightly.

Posted by: Patrick at March 12, 2010 7:38 AM
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