February 27, 2010

Board of Regents Member Angus Davis at RISC's Winter Meeting

Justin Katz

NOTE: Any members of the media who couldn't make it to the meeting and rely on this video for future reports are encouraged to do so, but a brief note of the video's source would be appreciated.

Rhode Island Board of Regents member Angus Davis came out with guns blazing in a surprise speech at the Winter meeting of the Rhode Island Statewide Coalition, as described in my liveblog of the event. (More video in the extended entry.)

Davis was especially animated when discussing an email from gubernatorial candidate Linc Chafee at the beginning of this clip.

Yesterday, I received an email from Senator Chafee. In this email, Senator Chafee asked for clarification on whether or not teachers had really been offered 100% job security, describing it as, quote, the basic question that must be settled, unquote. He said he does not want to, quote, inherit the labor mess, unquote, as he works to build a more prosperous Rhode Island as governor.

What kind of leadership thinks the basic question about a school in which only half of children graduate and 90% can't do basic math — what kind of leadership thinks that the basic question involves job security for its adults rather than the educational outcomes for its children?

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Good point about the email from Lincoln Chaffee.

Query what knowledge and understanding Mr. Chafee may (or may not) have about the charter and other experimental schools in RI. Most or all of those schools, I understand, are running rings around most public schools from an academic performance standpoint -- even in such economically challenged areas as Central Falls. And I don't understand that the charter and experimental school teachers are pushing for 100% job security, or even thinking that it would be consistent with student academic excellence.

Posted by: Bill at February 27, 2010 9:13 PM

It's time for all Rhode Islanders to demand excellence in our schools. Kudos to Superintendent Gallo who has had the courage to require that the children come first. And, shame on the teacher's union leaders who demand more money for failing work.

Posted by: G. at February 28, 2010 3:16 PM