November 12, 2009

A Mayoral Academy for the West Bay?

Carroll Andrew Morse

According to the Cranston Herald's Meg Fraser, Cranston Mayor Allan Fung is interested in bringing the "Mayoral Academy" model of education reform, currently being spearheaded by Cumberland Mayor Daniel McKee, to Cranston and, if we assume that it would follow the regional design used by Mayor McKee, to the entire West Bay…

“I definitely want to start a mayoral academy in Cranston,” [Mayor Fung] said….

“With the mayoral academy you’re not going to have those handcuffs that are going to tie you down. You’re not bound by a lot of the contracts that you have with the traditional teachers contracts,” he said.

The school he would like to establish would use merit or outcome-based pay for teachers and, in line with the recent announcement by Commissioner of Education Deborah Gist, would not take seniority into consideration.

“With the charter schools, you just can’t take anyone. You’ve got to have someone who buys into the philosophy,” he said. “It’s not for every student and it’s not for every teacher.”

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Hats off to Mayor Fung for looking to move this idea forward. The time has come for more accountability in Cranston public education.

Posted by: Jim Quinlan at November 14, 2009 4:19 PM
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