October 29, 2009

Fiddling at the State House

Marc Comtois

The procrastinators in the RI House continue their torrid pace, today joined by the Senate. Governor Carcieri points out the obvious:

“They need to deal with the budget,” Carcieri said at an unrelated event. “They’re not doing that, and I think that’s really unfortunate because the problem is not going away; it’s getting worse.”
Though lip-service is being paid:
[House Finance Committee Chair, Rep. Steven] Costantino vowed to push Thursday for a joint resolution requiring Carcieri to submit a mid-year budget-balancing plan, known as a supplemental budget, by Nov. 16.
Yup, it's up ta the Guvnah!!!! Meanwhile, legislative Nero's proudly and indignantly fiddle:
House Majority Leader Gordon D. Fox...erupted when notified of the governor’s comments.

“We’re addressing real societal needs in these two days, so I don’t want the word to go out that they’re here and they’re doing nothing,” Fox said.

The Assembly, he continued, is addressing issues for “people who need services, or the people who are concerned with indoor prostitution, [as well as] the scourge of text messaging. Those are real issues. They don’t go away.”

Ah yes, the "scourge" of text messaging (how are we gonna enforce that, btw?). Hm. Scourge: "A source of widespread dreadful affliction and devastation such as that caused by pestilence or war." Unemployment? Bad economy? Budge deficit? Apparently, not scourge-worthy...but that text messagin'......!

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Every night I have trouble sleeping because I am afraid that the horrendous scourge of text messaging will finally punch my ticket the following day. The only thing that scares me more is what adults do with each other sexually behind closed doors in a spa three blocks away from me.

Thank goodness we have these hard-working GA members as our public employees to save us from ourselves. These are real issues, and they don't go away!

Posted by: Dan at October 29, 2009 11:44 AM

Can we please stop electing this bunch of self serving morons?

Posted by: kathy at October 29, 2009 3:22 PM

Fox sounds like a waiter on the Titanic, replacing silverware on the tables as it kept sliding off as the angle from horizontal kept getting steeper as the bow submerged more and more, and complaining that he'd lose tips now that the Captain has declared "abandon ship" and patrons were heading for the lifeboats.

Posted by: Ragin' Rhode Islander at October 29, 2009 5:04 PM
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