September 29, 2009

Discussing the Vlog

Justin Katz

I'm hearing that Matt Allen will be discussing the content of today's vlog during the 7:00 hour (although he just said it may move to the 8:00 hour). I'll be listening and will probably call in to expound (unless the conversation captivates me, as often happens). Listen on 630AM/99.7FM or stream online on WPRO's Web site.

In the meantime, he's talking about what Dan Yorke was talking about, this afternoon: The personally aggrandizing motivations of House Speaker Bill Murphy for keeping the General Assembly from convening as our state collapses.

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It's troubling that when the governor is talking about layoffs and the workers' union is actually giving ground, the General Assembly is pretty silent on the economic issues facing the state.

Is the plan just to blame the governor and hope that Rhode Islanders vote them in next year? Given our track record that might not be a bad idea, but when will their be accountability for their inaction?

Posted by: donroach at September 29, 2009 10:17 PM
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