July 20, 2009


Marc Comtois

To paraphrase...."I'll gladly pay you $1 Million over the next decade for a ham sandwich today."

Award Overview

Agency Name: Department of Agriculture
Project Location: LOS ANGELES
Contract Number: AG3J14120297196
Project Location - State: CA
Funding Amount: $1,191,200
Project Location - Zip Code: 90058-1800
Completion Date: 2009-06-30
Congressional District: CA-34

Recipient Information (Award)
Recipient Address: 3049 E VERNON AVE
Recipient City: LOS ANGELES
Recipient State: CALIFORNIA
Recipient Zip Code: 90058-1800
Congressional District: CALIFORNIA-34

Description of Work/Service performed: 2 POUND FROZEN HAM SLICED

Talk about pork-barrel spending! California 34 is represented by Democrat Lucille Roybal-Allard. I guess she likes ham. And we're supposed to believe that government run (er, "single payer") health care will SAVE us money?

UPDATE: Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsac clarified that the 2 lbs refers to a 2 Lb packages of ham, at about $1.50/lb. As Drudge reports, Food Lion was cheaper (though the flier has "disappeared").

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I would like to go on record:

This is a hoax. Not even the most insane military purchasing practices ($2,000 for a hammer, etc.) came close to this - $1m+ for two pounds of ham. This website must have been hacked, possibly by someone trying to point out all of the pork in this gov't program, possibly just by a computer geek wag.

Posted by: Monique at July 20, 2009 5:23 PM

Monique is quick with the pom poms.

Posted by: Phil the phirst at July 20, 2009 9:11 PM
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