May 21, 2009

Migratory Food for Thought

Justin Katz

Tom Golisano puts high local taxation in perspective — the individual's perspective, that is:

Last week I spent 90 minutes doing a couple of simple things -- registering to vote, changing my driver's license, filling out a domicile certificate and signing a homestead certificate -- in Florida. Combined with spending 184 days a year outside New York, these simple procedures will save me over $5 million in New York taxes annually.

By moving to Florida, I can spend that $5 million on worthy causes, like better hospitals, improving education or the Clinton Global Initiative. Or maybe I'll continue to invest it in fighting the status quo in Albany. One thing's certain: That money won't continue to fund Albany's bloated bureaucracy, corrupt politicians and regular special-interest handouts.

Have I mentioned, recently, that the state and local taxes that wealthy folks are paying in Rhode Island has been going up even as their rates go down?

(via Michelle Malkin)